Career Competency Qualification


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Career Competency Qualification

About Skill-Pasport

SKILL-PASPORT is a career certification programme for young job seekers thriving in the private sector. SKILL-PASPORT is a formal recognition of your necessary life skill-set and growth mindset that every youth must have before entering the job market. Skill-Pasport offers professional capabilities to create a committed, result focused and value driven job seeker.

Skill-Pasport is designed as a computer and mobile based learning solution that youth can learn anywhere and anytime. It offers 20 key life skills that every job seeker needs to find and engage in job in a foreign country or here in Sri Lanka. Skill-Pasport is a competency qualification in a form of digital skill identity where each young person can have electronic card too.

The learning process of Skill-Pasport is designed and delivered based on globally accepted learning principles and standards supervised by Grow, Learn, Connect (GLC) global learning platform. Institute of Growth Concepts (IGC) being the founder and designer of Skill-Pasport offers the learning opportunity and certification for subscribing youth. The training and Skill-Pasport certificate carry greater value and global acceptance with GLC signatory seal and accreditation.

Best Way to Grow Your Skills

Join today Follow the course Get your qualification and claim your Skill-Pasport today


  • School leavers after Advanced Level
  • Those who dropped out from school at early stage
  • Those who are already employed
  • Job seekers in general
  • Undergraduates


  • 20 key skill-training modules that you need to master to be qualified
  • Career Competency Certification score for your life skills
  • Career Coaching and Mentoring support
  • Online profile with IGC backed mentorship
  • Globally accepted Skill-Pasport certificate
  • Career Competency e-card
  • On-the-job training and internships
  • Networking opportunity with industry and hiring companies


  • You don’t have to wait till 18 to gain your core life skills.
  • Never spend a single day without life goals.
  • Never complain and never beg for help
  • Give-up no-job-life and get your Skill-Pasport
  • Build your career now and we give you the passport to enter the new job world

Industry Specializations

Key Types of Skill-Pasports

Hotel and Hospitality




IT Related

Sales and Retail



Factory / Production


Office and Administration


Government Sector


It is unbelievable! Your job entry qualifications will be upgraded by 500% times!

It takes just two month to get highly recognized Skill-Pasport.

300 companies will be using it and accepting it and will be the most influencing competency qualification.

100% job guarantee for beginners!

Significant transformation in your personality, the way you believe in yourself and the way you realize your full potential

Powerful networking and professional recommendations when and where you need!

The Founder of Skill Pasport

Career Competency Qualification

25 years ago I came out from the university with a commerce degree hoping to find a better job. I though being a graduate is a big thing, a real qualification. But soon I realized that it is not about my academic qualification but about something else. Indeed I realize that I have no basic skills that the job market is looking for even to give me a law paying job. So it obvious that I failed at the job interviews one after the other. That’s where I realized that the biggest problem I had was not my education but the confidence, the life skills and courage. Being an introvert, I feared of failing and that affects my performance in job interviews. It was a time I badly wanted a job but no one wanted to give me any. It was a crazy tough time. But fortunately I met a great mentor who was from leading corporate and he challenged me and helped me to gain three crucial life skills. That was like a treasure. Then I decided to do whatever I have to do to enter in to the job world. And I also decided not to beg for a government job. Eventually I started as a sales representative; my job was to sell Soya-Meat to grocery stores. It's was tough but I still believe, that was my professional launch pad. I still remember the problems I had and things I learnt 25 years ago. After that I moved in to number of jobs and the best wealth I earned was life skills. I hate when someone call it soft skills, because they are not. Life Skills tremendously shape our personality up and grows our competency. Life skills are hardcore skills that transform our personal and professional lives entirely. That's why I thought of developing this great learning concept, Skill-Pasport for you; my dear sons and daughters. With the support of kind hearted colleagues of mine we have created this course and certification system for your be qualified with right life skills for tomorrow job market. There are 20 core skill areas you can develop using this online learning platform. So, take the course, study hard, get your Skill-Pasport ready and find your way ahead. Because life skills are the most precious skill set that you need more than formal education. Think about your professional career and your future. I hope you will not waste a single day, just enroll now and be an initiator. You can do better....

Sanath Widhanagamage The founder

    Seven Powerful Steps of Transformation

    Career Competency Qualification

    Download the app and create your profile

    Complete your Skill-Pasport profile and registration in four simple steps. Then you are ready to go.

    Initial Competency Assessment

    It is an online assessment to set your baseline. If necessary you access to a Senior Career Coach to help you assess your executive competency levels at start-up stage

    Online Training Programme

    You will go through 20 training modules within 90 days. This is where you can meet-up the most successful corporate leaders and achievers and learn from them.

    Coaching / Mentoring Phase

    You will have mentors throughout. Coaches and Mentors will help you to design your own career and personal growth plan under their supervision.

    Final Assessment

    This panel will re-assess your skill level to give you a competency score and updated digital profile.


    The Executive Council of SKILL-PASPORT will issue the certificate based on the score.


    You will receive the precious SKILL-PASPORT certificate and e-card making you an achiever.

    Become a Mentor

    If your are and achiever and passionate to give mentoring support to thriving young people please register as a mentor and allocate few hours a week.


    Skill-Pasport is the one and only competency rating programme in South Asia. This certification is offered in collaboration with leading Australian Executive Development agency, Life Coaching Institute and GLC Global Learning Platform. SKILL-PASPORT has numerous versions for executives, technicians, junior managers. These versions will provide you different levels of competencies to deal with right kind of job environment.

    Final assessment opens the door to get this outstanding certification that helps you to navigate life towards your dreams and unique professional accomplishments. Even after the certification, our professional rating-tracks will further help focus your development on a set of competencies that will allow you to have an immediate and lasting impact on your career.


    To qualify for an SKILL-PASPORT Executive Certification, you must complete six training modules within two months period. SKILL-PASPORT trainers prescribe and design you the best training module-mix that upgrades your executive skill levels based on your initial competency assessment which is administrated under supervision of Life Coaching Institute, Australia. This is where you will be given opportunity to meet-up, learn from and get inspired by the top ranking business leaders in Sri Lanka. And most importantly, this is where the monumental change in your life is about to take place. Each executive will be able to build powerful professional networks with the most successful corporate leaders.

    There are many different module combinations available when designing your executive certificate plan that is right for you, including the options of online learning, field-based assignments and group learning exercises that leads to much higher SKILL-PASPORT certifications.


    Each Executive Certification plan is customized by the individual so the cost of the Executive Certificate depends on the time and programs selected for you. For example, if you are about to go through all five one-day programs and two week study and one day presentation, etc.; the cost will vary depending on your choices and the length of your coaching programmes. If you are already an executive, you probably can get the certification with much lesser investment. However the total maximum investment, one has to make would not exceed Rs. 30000.00.

    You can register in advance for our monthly programmes scheduled for 2015 and obtain 25% scholarship. A maximum monthly intake is 30 candidates and please note, the registration is closed for September and October certification programmes.

    Find Your Mentor

    If you complete the online learning, you can contact a mentor and get career mentoring support

    Kumararatne Hettiarachchi


    Charika Chillet


    Rajeewa Gunasekara


    Sanath Vidanagamage


    Deepa Bandara


    Primrose Ranasinghe


    Niroshani Rathninda


    20 Life Skills of Skill Pasport Course

    Join today Follow the course Get your qualification and claim your Skill-Pasport today

    Get Your Skill Pasport E-Card

    When you complete the Skill Pasport training online and the assessment at the end, you will get two star rating as your overall score.
    1. Life Skill Score
    2. On the Job Training Score
    This rating will be added on your web profile, E-card as well as in your certificate.
    You will also have an online profile with the details of your life skill achievement on Skill Pasport website. You will get your Skill Pasport E-Card with the certificate.

    Full Career Solution for You

    IGC’s Skill-Pasport programme is your skill developer, career guide, coach, mentor and non-related referee for life time. It also provides you with on the job training, service qualifications and job placement opportunities. Apart from that there will be more than 120 high ranking achievers joining the Skill-Pasport programme to provide the mentoring support you need to find your path.